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AXTON, AXB20STP 20 cm bandpass active subwoofer for spare wheel

Art.No.: AP00AX6619
AXTON, AXB20STP 20 cm bandpass active subwoofer for spare wheel

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AXTON, AXB20STP 20 cm bandpass active subwoofer for spare wheel

Bass fun without wasting space in the trunk? AXTON adds a special and ultimately space saving active subwoofer model to its line up: The AXB20STP is a 20 cm band pass active subwoofer with a built-in amp module for the spare tire well. With 50 cm diameter and 18 cm height this sub is going to fit in almost any standard spare tire well – and will not compromise the trunk compartment at all.

AXTON‘s new bass maker is equipped with a potent 20 cm (8“) long stroke woofer that offers strong and dynamic sound. The high quality amplifier module – quite unusual in this price class is the discrete structure of the amp module which deploys bipolar transistors – delivers impressive 110 watts maximum output for an all-round bass enjoyment, increased durability, and more bass control. The 29 liters of internal net volume available to the 20 cm driver in the bandpass enclosure allows the high system efficiency cabinet tuning, which combined with the 110 W power of the discrete active module allows considerable bass levels.

The cabinet shell is made of 10 mm thick cardboard with internal wooden cross braces. The active sub is very rigid and stable but only weighs a mere 10.5 kg, making it very Eco- and suitable for sports cars.

The compact easy to install AXB20STP – the cabinet for instance features a central opening for the center clamp rod – naturally comes with all the necessary setting options onboard. These include a 12 dB low pass filter, controllable over a range between 50 and 150 Hz, together with a bass boost. A special feature that makes the installation and handling of the AXB20STP much easier is the Auto Turn-On function triggered by music signals fed over the High Level inputs.

The active module is easily accessible, so adjustments can be carried out even when the unit is installed in the spare tire well.

Technical Details:

• Active subwoofer for spare tire wells with 50 cm diameter and center clamp
• 20 cm/8“ long stroke bass driver in bandpass enclosure
• High cross section port for low air noise
• Built-in amp module with 100 W power rating
• 12 dB/oct. electronic crossover with 50 – 150 Hz low-pass filter
• Switchable bass boost 0 dB / 6 dB
• Amp auto turn-on trigger for High Level inputs
• Variable input gain for RCA and High Level inputs
• Nominal power handling: 90 W RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms (<1.0% THD/14.4 V)
• Peak power handling: 110 W max. x 1 @ 4 ohms (<10% THD/14.4 V)
• Dimensions (diameter x height): 500 x 180 mm
• Net weight: 10.5 kg

Manufacturer: AXTON, Switzerland

Product compatible:

Žemų dažnių kolonėlės 8” (20 cm)

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